Morison Finansista


30 years of the Morison Finansista

Our aim is to exceed your expectations and to totally delight you with our service quality.

over 30 years in the market

over 150 audits a year, our bookkeeping firm provides regular services to ca. 60 organizations

16th place in the ranking

on the list of Best Auditor Firms 2018 according to RZECZPOSPOLITA daily newspaper!


winner of 2014/2015 competition (small & micro)
top 10 of 2015/2016-2018/2019 (all companies)

"List 500" Rzeczpospolita

over 20 customers from the “500 List” of Rzeczpospolita

Firma rodzinna
Our firm is a family enterprise. Thus, for 30 years our team of 60 members has worked not only on the basis of international standards... tradition, high quality, reliability, accuracy and fairness - these are the qualities guiding our day-to-day operations.

Membership in an association of family enterprises not only gives us the opportunity to meet people who believe in the same values. We make sure that our experience and knowledge can be used to serve others. Through integration, support and promotion of joint activities, together we build a positive image of Polish family businesses.

Morison KSI
Morison Finansista is a member of Morison International, an international group of advisory firms.
  • 164 firms in 85 countries worldwide,
  • 250 offices in North and South America, Europe and Asia,
  • ca. 1200 partners and over 10 300 experts,
  • incomes ranging around US$ 1.089b (2017)

Through international cooperation, we can offer you even more. Joint experience makes us better every day.

Global | Reliable | Collegial | Professional

Polska Izba Biznesu
Entrepreneurs of the Polska Izba Biznesu (Polish Business Chamber) shape their firms and develop themselves basing on the universal values and ethics rooted in classic philosophy tradition and Christian culture. It is fulfilled by pursuing basic values: prudence, bravery, moderation and justice.

The mission of the PIB is mutual support of the members in generating the business and personal development. We also want to influence on shaping good business conditions for business in Poland.

Integration around commonly shared values, mutual solidarity and discretion and help are elements of our chamber. PIB is the place where everyone can find support. Most of all, we give help to each other but we also help everyone else who needs it, sharing goods and talents. We share our experience – the good ones and the bad ones – so as everyone could develop his activity in a more harmonic way, building the culture of innovation and business growth.

Polski Ślad
We are proud to inform Morison Finansista has joined the certified members of the project Polski Ślad. Polslki Śład program aims to widespread the economic patriotism, i.e. making conscious economic decisions, both makro- and mikroeconomic.

The principle goals of the Foundation is to:

  • support and distinguish Polish entrepreneurs to compete effectively with foreign businesses, recognize and cooperate with each other on the market
  • have an influence on the Government bodies to make good decisions and supporting the Polish market, placing the domestic businesses on the first place.



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